Late Night Highlights: Jay Leno Wrestles a Wolf, Jon Stewart Defends South Park and J. Lo Finds Her Monroe

You might not know this, but every night at 11:35 P.M., dog pounds around the nation adjust the rabbit ears on their archaic black-and-white television sets and tune in for the Tonight Show monologue. They howl at what they think are the good jokes ("Happy Earth Day Kev!"), whimper at the bad ("In Beverly Hills, recycling plastic means remarrying your ex-wife") and then dream about Jay Leno adopting them and letting them live inside his thousand-car garage. Well, that all changed during last night's show, when dog orphans around the country watched in horror as Leno awkwardly shushed and coldly patted their distant relative, the American Gray Wolf, during his Earth Day segment. "Aw, hell no," they thought, before switching the channel to Lopez Tonight. That sad clip, as well as the other highlights you missed while getting in touch with your inner Glee kid, after the jump.

5. J. Lo's Birthday Surprise

Who cares about Earth Day when there is a G. Lo birthday to celebrate? Kudos to TBS for shelling out some extra change for the "Happy Birthday" rights.

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  • Gunner2012 says:

    Time and again Miller shows to be so out of touch with the world. I feel so sorry for her. Raitings are what count. And Leno's is 3-4 times more then that racist Lopez. Even with Coco being his leadin Georgie boy will tank even more behind Leno-Letterman- and Jimmy. Miller needs to pull her head from between her girlfriends crotch and pay attention.