Hollywood Ink: Last Airbender to Receive Fake 3-D Treatment


· I'm in a horrible mood this morning, so forgive me for simply telling this morning's trade news like it is: Paramount is converting M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender to 3-D because the mass public doesn't care how shitty their movies look or how much their tickets cost, and Shyamalan will take a crappy, fake 3-D treatment of anything he makes because it boosts his generous back-end net and that's all that matters. I was actually looking forward to this. Oh well! [Deadline]

Nepotism, exploitation, cynicism, disappointment and more as Hollywood Ink continues after the jump.

· Max "Son of Jeremy" Irons will co-star in Catherine Hardwicke's The Girl With the Red Riding Hood. "Are young actors taking over the big screen?" asks Mike Fleming at Deadline. What? [Deadline]

· Greta Gerwig will move on from her superb mainstream debut Greenberg to co-star as Natalie Portman's BFF in the Ivan Reitman comedy formerly known as Friends With Benefits. Gerwig's purpose: To alert Portman to signs that Ashton Kutcher might want to stick his dick in her but not really have a romantic relationship. Please. Pass the Klonopin. [Variety]

· Disney wants to make a sequel to Monsters Inc. Is it me or was the first one, like, perfect the way it was? Don't do it, Pixar. What about Wall-E? People love that overrated little heap of crap and his sexy, flying betrothed; give them a franchise. Maybe they have a little chirping, cooing robot family now? We can argue about Best Picture qualifications all over again. Those were the days. [THR]

· On an up-note, Judy Greer and Susan Sarandon are joining Jason Segel and Ed Helms in the cast of the Duplass Brothers' stoner comedy Jeff Who Lives at Home. [Variety]


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