Watch David Hasselhoff's Glee Audition Performance


Before you judge the following video, imagine that you are a TV Land network executive. You are putting on your 8th Annual Award show, which no one will watch. You have created a category ("Future Classic Award") specifically to honor the hottest song-and-dance television show on the airwaves (Glee), figuring that at least the third-string cast members will show up and throw you a pity performance. But they refuse. What do you do to fill that "Don't Stop Believin'" segment that you've been planning meticulously for months?

You hand it off to seasoned pros like David Hasselhoff, Marilu Henner, and thirteen of their TV Land friends, who Movieline's own Louis Virtel identified immediately as Todd Bridges, Joyce Dewitt, Jamie Farr, Marla Gibbs, Howard Hesseman, Shirley Jones, Richard Karn, Richard Moll, Marion Ross, Jimmie Walker, Marcia Wallace and Fred Willard. And they aren't that bad.

Didn't Ryan Murphy say something about casting a middle-aged glee club to compete against the New Directions at the next sectionals? Hoff, you've passed the first round of auditions. Tomorrow's challenge: breakdancing for Oprah.

TV Land Awards Glee Club performs "Don't Stop Believin'" featuring David Hasselhoff and Marilu Henner topheader_01
2010 TV Land Awards 4/25 @ 9P/8
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