Four Not-So-Easy Installments of $39.99


· Infomercials try to teach us a lot of information quickly, but they mostly succeed in teaching us how "doing it wrong" looks. This compendium of dramatic reenactments will have you slapping your knee and ordering a Sleep Number bed in minutes. [Vulture]

· PETA always knows how to get a point across. Look, there's Bea Arthur standing alongside a joke about her death. [TV Guide]

· Oh, this is nice. Amanda Peet welcomed a baby girl into the world. [Us Weekly]

· Sharon Stone begins appearing on Law & Order: SVU next week. This time, her interrogation skills are the icepick. [Zap2It]

·The Crazies director Breck Eisner will helm an Escape from New York remake. He's replacing Brett Ratner, who replaced Len Wiseman. Hooray! [Slashfilm]


  • Martini Shark says:

    I was not aware how many disasters that could actually take place involving eggs. If only I knew what product I was lacking to avoid these clamities . . .