5 Stars Who Should Follow Bette Midler's Lead to The Marriage Ref


It's become clear that The Marriage Ref holds the ominous power to book whoever it wants. Don't be surprised if President Obama soon moderates a Wichita couple's squabble about whether it's OK to enjoy sex and a steak dinner at the same time. Now that Jerry Seinfeld has further proven himself as a conduit to the biggest stars on Earth by securing Bette Midler, it's time for the public, with its stingy amounts of DVR Season Passes available, to suggest the celebrities that would behoove it to tune in.

· Barbra Streisand: I believed her as a sex therapist in Meet the Fockers. Babs could feign comprehension in the Kama Sutra, chakras, and feng shui here, and I'd more than tune in. Plus, unlike most Marriage Ref panelists, she is one-half of a marriage that's lasted longer than 10 years.

· Simon Cowell: The newly engaged Idol figurehead claims to judge contestants on their merits as a pop superstar. Seeing Simon loose tart one-liners about installing a stripper pole in the living room would be a welcome change of pace.

· Courtney Love: The world's favorite unfiltered widow would probably level more with the couples than she would with fellow celebrities. She might even throw a shoe or compact if Tom Papa gets too long-winded. Sign me up.

· Betty White: She's booking other comic ventures, so why not ensconce Betty in her natural habitat: a television panel? Sure, we can't replace Tom Papa with Allen Ludden, and we can't replace the fighting couples with passwords, but Betty's got just the cunning intelligence to make The Marriage Ref old-fashioned in a good way.

· Sandra Bullock: The world's favorite... person will need a lighthearted, nationally televised rebound soon. I think we can count on Jerry Seinfeld and, perhaps, fellow Oscar-winning moderators Jeff Bridges and Mo'nique to soften the blow.