Scott Baio Loses It


Remember the innocent days when the stars of Charles of Charge just wanted to help you out with your bankruptcy? I sure do after reading Scott Baio's utterly batsh*t Twitter rants against... well, everybody. "My butt is getting itchy with all these trolls up in it," he wrote this week during on ongoing tête-à-tête with the gang at Jezebel. "Adopt another cat or butt lick someone else. Envy must really suck." Big Hollywood, here he comes. [Jezebel via Videogum]


  • Joe B. says:

    Here's a guy, a union member, a child star who was protected by the laws of this country when he was just a tike trading a smile for money (because he couldn't then and still can't act) who seems to have forgotten all that.
    Let him show up at a tea party or join Kelsey Grammer (same deal with him, btw, except for the kid star part) on that Right (though very wrong) Network hawking some piece of crap like Joel Surnow's answer to the Daily Show that got quickly axed at Fox Noise.
    And, apparently he and his wife have a problem with the alleged lesbians at Jezebel, too. When people immediately call someone gay or lesbian as their first fightin' words it says a lot.
    Hope they're not raising bigoted kids. Then again, they may be.

  • The Winchester says:

    My, how the Bob Loblaw Law Blog has declined in content.

  • Colander says:

    Maybe we'll find out in a few years when E! starts airing "Growing Up Baio."