Greaser vs. Gipper

· On today's episode of CBS's General Electric Theatre, Ronald Reagan and James Dean star in "The Dark, Dark Hours," a melodrama featuring a smiling conservative and a cause-less rebel. I'm not telling who plays who, but yes, this rare footage from 1954 is real. [CBS]

· George Lopez has seen the first few minutes of the Smurfs movie. He's purring like Azrael about it. [Los Angeles Times]

· Sandra Bulock's rep promises to return the prototype trophy and put an end to RazzieGate. Valor is restored on both sides! [E!]

· Heidi Montag is dropping that lawsuit regarding the handsiness of Hills creator Adam Devillo. Her reason: It's time to move on. Mmkay. [Celebuzz]

· Crystal Bowersox claims she never had any beef with Ryan Seacrest. But Siobhan Magnus does have beef with both Kara DioGuardi and Simon Cowell. Rage on, FernGully! [People]


  • Madeyefergy says:

    I love it! It does not have the effects of today but it does have a few things that is missing in todays TV programming, Class.