Glee's Madonna Sequel: 5 Even Better Song Choices

I've tried to stop writing about Madonna and Glee for days (weeks) now, but Ryan Murphy's at it again. According to EW, Glee is set to shoot a second Madonna-centric episode for next fall. To quote Madonna's own "You Must Love Me": "Where do we go... from here?" Well, we have five more suggestions for the show's second major Madonna outing.


Sue Sylvester's monologues about "the power of Madonna" indicate that Ryan Murphy is determined not only to reference Madonna, but pinpoint her very essence. No song does that better than "Everybody," Madge's first single and quintessential call to the dancefloor. It's a little less soulful than "Express Yourself," and therefore more appropriate for a Cheerio halftime gig.

"Who's That Girl?"

By next fall, Glee should have its new, awesome cast members in tow; if one is a flirty, blonde freshman with vaudeville chops, a man's suit, and scraggly black eyebrows, I can think of no better anthem for her arrival.

"Deeper and Deeper"

Shockingly, the first Madonna episode didn't tackle the effect of Madonna on gay men. Sacrilege! Let's get Kurt crooning and hurting with this Erotica jam, whose lyrics read like a triumph coming-out. Plus: Disco ball, boas, and blonde afros? This is the song that deserves a tribute video.

"You'll See"

I'm hanging onto this from my last round of suggestions. This genuine, self-possessed ballad has the nerve of "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" but with the refinement of a collected narrator. It's gender-neutra,l too, so Puck can belt it when it his vocals are underappreciated yet again.

"Hung Up"

"4 Minutes" ignited the gymnasium in last night's episode, but for the sequel, Glee should call upon the ABBA-riffing powers of "Hung Up." It's furious, urgent, bombastic, and fitting for this group of leotard-loving young adults.