Dancing with the Stars: Kiss Us Goodbye, Kate

Yep. Last night, America curtailed its instinct to prolong Kate Gosselin's unending grief on Dancing with the Stars and rendered her an octogoner. Sad. I mean, not really. You know what was sad, though? A hateful trend that is developing in this competition -- one that has nothing to do with Bruno Tonioli's overstimulated aorta.


Pam Anderson landed in the bottom two again! Again! When Shannen Doherty left, I snarled, and when Aiden Turner booked it, I chuckled, but during both of Pam Anderson's stays in the bottom two, I've shivered. Not only does Pam dance across DWTS's varnished wood floor with gusto, she imbues her routines with more character than even Nicole Scherzinger and Evan Lysacek. She's not the best dancer, but she's a phenomenally watchable one, and her 9 to 5 get-up on Monday's show even reinvigorated my faith in her acting ability. Stop trapping this charisma-spewing dame in Barb Wire, voting public! Let C.C. jive along our shores once more!