Mariska Hargitay Gets Punched, and 3 Other WTF Moments From Tonight's Law & Order: SVU


Movieline does not condone violence against women, but when Law & Order: SVU teases an episode in which Mariska Hargitay's character is punched in the face while going undercover as an eastern European slaughterhouse worker, I am setting my TiVo. Here are four WTF moments promised in tonight's episode "Beef," as well as the most enticing SVU promo in the show's eleven-season history.

1. Slaughterhouse Bombshell Timing

The victim, Laura Santiago, is killed after it is discovered that she was filming an "unflinching expose on meat." Isn't SVU a little slow on the whole slaughterhouse beat, considering that Fast Food Nation was released nine years ago and made into a film in 2006?

2. Stabler References Michael Moore

In what will probably be the most hilarious deadpan line Stabler delivers tonight, the detective refers to a killed documentary filmmaker as "the Michael Moore of meat patties." Lest anyone thinks Moore himself is not aware of his SVU mention, he just tweeted that the reference is the "best use of my name ever."

3. Benson is Punched For Snooping

Sure, the slaughterhouse floor manager doesn't want anyone searching his office, but would he really deck one of his female factory workers in the face? Do they have workman's comp for that?

4. Benson's Subpar European Accent

Olivia, Olivia, Olivia. If you go undercover, try to make your accent a little believable.