23 Questions About Lost Episode 613, 'The Last Recruit,' Answered!

Previously on Lost: Your faithful recapper Mark Lisanti did an excellent job answering the questions left in each episode's aftermath, but in this new sideways universe, I'll be taking over those duties for one week (also, Desmond keeps trying to almost-kill me, and it's getting to be a little much). In other news, Hurley faked a seance with Jacob to reunite most of the show's principal cast members, Claire presented her stylist with a picture of Crystal Bowersox, and Locke got run over. What does it all mean? Let's investigate in a round of Questions and Answers.

Did the smoke monster used to pose as Jack's dad?

Yes. Please update Lostpedia at the episode's end to make a note of it.

But why?

Because he just wanted to help Jack find some water! Also, because some smoke-manifested scotch in a conspicuously rattling tumbler goes down so smooth.

Is Sawyer hitting on Kate?

It'd never work, sweetheart. He's a cop, she's a murderer. He's Team Leno, she's Team Conan. Let's call the whole thing off.

Should Kate wear ballcaps more often?

Probably not.

Were you a little bit weirded out by Desmond's insistent manner with Claire?

Why yes, in fact! Listen, bub: the next time you want to hijack some pregnant lady's elevator, insist that she go to a lawyer you've picked out especially for her, and convince her that there's a clue residing deep inside her cleavage that you'll have to go fishing for lips-first, just know that it could get you demoted from series regular to "recurring for the last five episodes."

What's Ilana's last name?

"Verdansky" -- not "Radzinsky," as her portrayer Zukleikha Robinson had claimed in an interview with Vulture. In all fairness, when your last name is vaguely Russian-sounding and not just an on-the-nose allusion to a famous philosopher, it's easy to get confused.

Does Lawyer Ilana look a whole lot like Lawyer Julianna Margulies?

Totally! And is Laywer Ilana gauging whether she should forgive Philandering Pilot Lapidus, or draw her domestic drama out for at least one more season? Almost certainly.

Who drew Locke's kinda remedial map of the island's shore?

Let's hope for his sake that it was Zack and Emma. Apparently, Locke has learned absolutely nothing from that art teacher he recruited earlier this century, promised a far better sideways life to, then mercilessly smoke-smote.

Does Kate know anything about sailing?

Boy, does she! Among Kate's other hidden talents, accrued from her fugitive days and totally useful for any upcoming Lost contrivance: tracking someone through a forest, commandeering a submarine, flying a left-over Ajira plane (she learned how to once in a two-week online course), ratcheting up the tension of a love triangle, and stealing time to perfectly manicure one's eyebrows.

What's up with Sayid's accent?

It's like so: give Naveen Andrews two background scenes and three lines an episode, and you get British. Give him major subplots, a Desmond confrontation, and a sideways scene, and he'll see if he can't nudge it to Iraqi. Your call, writers!

How did Libby have so much more access to Botox when she was on the island, as opposed to her flash-sideways?

That was last week's episode. Do try to keep up.

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  • Citizen Bitch says:

    The Sun and Jin reunion reminded me of Mad Men when Betty confronted Don re The Shoebox of Mystery and the audience was preoccupied with Miss. Farrell having to hide out in the car all night.

  • Gregg Wojtowicz says:

    This episode reminded me of the time Mr T. was at the Mall, the entire day I kept saying I'll go a little later, I;ll go a little later....Then when I finally got to the mall, some guy told me he just left...