South Park Creators Face Radical Muslim Death Threat

That last week's 200th episode blow-out of South Park was sacrilegious should come as no surprise, but this was no ordinary taking-the Lord's-name-in-vain kind of sacrilege (although there was plenty of that). Instead, the anniversary episode indulged in "Buddha doing a line of coke"-level blasphemy, and it may have led to death threats for creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

To recap: In last week's celebrity-studded episode "200," Tom Cruise threatened to sue the entire town unless they could arrange for a face-to-face meeting with the Prophet Mohammed, a taboo-for-parody figure who Cruise believed could make him impervious to being made fun of. The town's citizens squabbled ("If he shows up here, we'll get bombed") and noted in a bit of meta-commentary that they couldn't even circulate an image of the prophet because it was "completely off-limits and censored." Finally, upon nabbing Mohammed, the town agreed that shuttling the prophet around in a windowless U-haul truck (while he wore a bear mascot costume) would be the only safe way to present him.

Still, the careful disguising of the Muslim prophet was not enough for the radical Muslim website, who posted a message to South Park creators on Monday: "We have to warn Matt and Trey that what they are doing is stupid and they will probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh for airing this show...This is not a threat, but a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them."

The post included a graphic photo of van Gogh, the Dutch filmmaker (and descendant of Vincent van Gogh) who was assassinated in 2004 after embarking on a project that criticized the treatment of women in Islam. Even more worrisome? The site's link to a Huffington Post article about Stone and Parker's mansion in Colorado.

Abu Talhah al Amrikee, the author of the post, told Fox News that he posted the warning to "raise awareness" and "explain the severity" of the potential repercussions that Parker and Stone face.


· Security Brief: Radical Islamic Web site takes on South Park [CNN]


  • lalalalala says:

    No such thing as judgement day you blooming idiot.

  • lalalalala says:

    Pork is damn tasty, oh and judgement day isn't real you stone age mongrel.

  • Lance sackless says:

    Ahh...Children...gotta love them when they resort to name calling. Can't prove something exists or doesn't exist so you attack it with hate. Prolly voted for Obama too.

  • Mohammed says:

    Hey dudes, it's the prophet Mohammed here.
    Sorry I haven't been in touch for the last 1400 years but I've been kind of busy deflowering all my virgins. Just wanted to let all you good Muslims know that you're being a bunch of big sillies. It's totally cool if people want to draw pictures of me or joke around. There were supposed to be 47 more suras in the Quran -- all of them full of great jokes, like this really funny one about the camel who accidentally got his head stuck in a myrrh bush. Ha ha! But they were accidentally burned one night when my wife Aisha needed to get the campfire started. You know how it is with kids. Anyhoo, just want you to know there's no reason to get mad. I've just been too busy barbecuing with Allah. We ran out of charcoal about a millenium ago, so now we're using suicide bombers to keep the grill lit.
    So quit getting all worked up and killing people. I'm not offended at all. New message from the prophet: go back to that science thing you started working on about 700 years ago. It was awesome!
    Hugs and Kisses,

  • Ben says:

    They were joking, retard.

  • TurdBlossom says:

    Matt and Trey knew what they were doing when they created this episode. If a bunch of humourless wannabe whack-jobs end up under scrutiny and behind bars becasue of thinly veiled death threats, so much the better.

  • Voice of the Rational says:

    This whole situation is insane.. Look at the history of the South Park -- they have ridiculed Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc., etc., (i.e., everybody from every faith everywhere). Just because they decided to make a poke at Muslims is no reason to fly off the handle. All of you angry Muslims can bitch and moan till the cows come home, but please do it quietly and nonviolently. If you really feel the need to actually DO something, then make your own cartoon that ridicules Matt and Trey. Making death threats over a cartoon depiction and blabbering on perpetually about judgment day is just juvenile. Seriously guys, grow up, get over it, and move on. Believe whatever you want, but don't impinge on the beliefs of others -- because when you do that, it's you who deserves to die.

  • Just Asking says:

    how do you know there is no judgment day? do you know everything? cause i doubt you do. so if anyone sounds like an idiot, ITS YOU. and im not even saying that there is a judgment day. your an idiot for making a claim that you cant back up.

  • baddream13 says:

    Awesome. This totally made my day.

  • baddream13 says:

    Why do Muslims suck the fun out of everything? Every party has a pooper and this party's pooper is the Muslims.
    I'm sure that radical Barbara Streisand fans agree with them though.

  • cramos says:

    What are Muslims doing watching Southpark anyway? Are they looking to get offended? Have they just been hyper-vigilant about Southpark, and watching it carefully to make sure that their precious, archaic, hate-filled religion isn't poked fun at? Won't Allah be upset with them for even watching it?
    If Muslims aren't going to live in the 21st century, they should avoid it all together. Go live in a cave somewhere, and leave us to our cartoons.

  • stolidog says:

    I know, wtf?

  • stolidog says:

    From cramos | Reply
    Posted 21 Apr 2010, 12:28 PM
    "to make sure that their precious, archaic, hate-filled religion isn't poked fun at"
    ...stop knocking my Christianity!!! Oh, wait...

  • frak says:

    Doesn't your whole religion make comments that it cannot back up?

  • dridge says:

    First of this AMERICA, FREEDOM of SPEECH!!!!. Matt and Trey have always been fair, they poke fun at everybody & everything. I'm have every season on DVD. If those guys wanna threating them; FINE. Just know they can bring it on & get some. Somebody might get XTREME on there ass!!! It's time for America in general to stop being scared of these people, man up and whoop some ass.

  • getoverit says:

    Why cant we all just have a good laugh once in awhile? Death is a bit harsh for a joke. Sounds like some people are totally bonkers. Killing is ok for radicals and jokes are not. Fuhgeddaboutit

  • krystel says:

    OMG what the hell is wrong with you people. It's just a joke and if you have a stick that far up your ass then maybe you need to get out of church a little more and realize there is more to life to worshiping a god. I don't have a faith in any religion. and don't think there is life after this world. If there is then I am screwed. but if a couple of guys want to do a show about four kids learning the facts about life threw what they experience, then maybe then you shouldn't turn on your TV's on that channel during that time. Because there is some sick people out there like me and others that do enjoy that show and many more just like it. Its others point of views. And WE shouldn't have to suffer because of you lack of ability to show some type of humor in more then what YOUR god has to give, Hey did you ever think that maybe your god/gods maybe enjoy the jokes??????

  • david says:

    OMG what a load of crap, SP is great fun to watch and if thoes retard Muslims and there prophet can not have fun then death to them all. the world would be a better place without losers like them in this world.
    the prophet can sit on a big horse dick and rotate along with his followers. the world will end no two ways around it and no one will live Thur it. south park rocks it gives people a laugh it gives a smile it is better than homer god how can any one be that stupid is unheard of
    anyway SHUT THE HELL YOU MUSLIMS AND SHUT THE HELL UP all thoes that hate south park, grow a brain an watch it for what it is a show to make people laugh! because if people can not laugh then whats the point of living!

  • Brian says:

    How did I guess that everyone would start getting into a religious discussion about how all religions suck or are/aren't valid, judgement days are/aren't real, prophets are/aren't real, etc.
    You guys are wasting your time. I'm trying to help you all by not arguing about a topic that gets NOWHERE, every time people bring it up.
    Why don't we get back on topic? The creators of South Park couldn't be more safe. Radical muslims don't have access to intel like the CIA does--they don't even know where Trey Parker and Matt Stone are, anyway. It's like trying to find Osama bin Laden--they won't be able to find them. It's a laughable threat--they're getting upset over a joke on a cartoon show. I don't think anyone can be more stupid then that.
    That is all.

  • Robert Guzman says:

    Fundamentalismm in all its manifestations is toxic. It doesn't matter if it's Christian, Jewish or Muslim. When people think they have the right to take another person's life because they do not like what they're saying they are betraying the God of Love they claim to defend.
    If Allah, Jehovah or Jesus are truly all powerful they will deal with the so-called 'infidels' in due time. An All Mighty God doesn't need human hit-men to do his dirty work. On the other hand, if these conceptions of God are just human inventions then it really doesn't matter what the South Park guys say or do. Freedom of expression is a cornerstone of democracy.
    Intolerance and repression or the benchmarks of theocracies. If someone doesn't like what these guys are saying just change channels. No one is forcing you to watch South Park or for that matter any other show. We don't have to like what they say but we must respect their right to say it.

  • ME says:

    Technically the prophet Mohammad wasn't even depicted in the show (Santa Claus was in the bear suit right) nor was his name even allowed to be heard in some airings of the show It seems more to me that these people are pissed off because there wasn't a good enough reason to get pissed off in the first place.

  • Steve says:

    God is the greatest scam man ever created. Muslims are no different than Christians were at one point... but I haven't heard of anyone crashing a plane into a building all in the name of Moses, or a bunch of Buddhists slicing the throats of reporters.
    Don't let these idiots into the country and then we wont have to worry about them blowing us up... but no... everyone has to be so damn politically correct.
    Racial profiling will stop when these assholes stop blowing shit up and being crazy. I would rather stereotype and be alive than be politically correct and dead.

  • Jen says:

    These radical Muslims who make threats should be careful because if anything happens to the show or creators, they better watch out for retaliation from crazed fans! How do you like that you backwards thinking cave dwelling dirt bags!

  • drew says:

    Show your support for Matt & Trey by tweeting #supportsouthpark