Party Down, Karloff-Style

· That's Party Down star and former Mean Girls pariah Lizzy Caplan playing a lovestruck mummy in a new Funny Or Die video. Her co-stars happen to be Party Down regulars cast members Martin Starr and Adam Scott, which means... the premiere of season two must be three days away. [Funny Or Die]

· In other Funny or Die news, Wikus van der Merwe from District 9 is stalking Charlize Theron. Yes, the Sharlto Copley character. [Slashfilm]

· Sarah Silverman once impaled Al Franken with a sharpened pencil due to his alluring Jewfro. [Vanity Fair]

· Guess who doesn't know if Dana Delany's lesbian character Katherine (who partnered up with Julie Benz's character Robin) will ever return to Desperate Housewives? Yep: Dana Delany. [CinemaBlend]