Late Night Highlights: Marilyn Monroe's X-Rays, J. Lo's Scent and Jay Leno's Sex Ed

You may not know this, but George Lopez is Kate Gosselin's biggest fan when it comes to Dancing with the Stars. I am not sure what he has invested in the mother of eight's win, but he has repeatedly begged his Lopez Tonight viewers to vote for her, rallied his Twitter followers and even appealed to Larry King's audience last week to "Vote for Kate!" Last night, the TBS comedian took his support up a notch by inviting Steve-O onto the show to literally staple his support. That clip, as well as the other highlights you missed last night while cursing the fact that your network forfeited Bret Michaels for nine spoiled party girls, after the jump.

5. Jay Leno and the J Gang Take on Sex Ed

During his regular round table (or "J Chat") with Adam Carolla, Jim Norton and Meghan McCain, Jay Leno tackled gritty news stories, like the one where kids learn about oral sex from their high school teachers. Thanks, Jay!

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