Hollywood Ink: The Cameron Diaz/Benicio Del Toro Pairing You've Always Dreamed Of


· From Traffic to Che to even The Wolfman, Benicio Del Toro has clearly had enough of the meaty, dynamic roles that have defined his last decade of work. Time to have some fun! Enter Cameron Diaz and An Ex to Grind, a romcom based on the 2005 book of the same name about a married couple whose sudden power shifts in their relationship result in a laff-riot divorce battle. I feel like there must be a drinking game where you'd be crawling on all fours before this cast pairing ever naturally crossed your lips -- or if there isn't, then there should be. In any case, Hollywood always wins. [Deadline]

Another, more iconic book lands on the development track, Todd Phillips sets up a Web site to make you famous, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Summit Entertainment has picked up the film adaptation of John Gray's mega-selling relationship tome Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, currently in development from producers Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun. It's expected to fall in that Valentine's Day/He's Just Not That Into You mold of sprawling ensemble comedies that everyone you know says they'd never watch, yet they go on to make a fortune. All I'm saying is that no lousy romantic comedy is worth lying to your friends. [LAT]

· Todd Phillips's super-cheap raunchfest currently known as Project X has made good on its promise to seek out unknown cast members: A new site, projectxopencall.com, is live for young actors in their late teens/early 20s to send off their tapes. [Deadline]

· Kristen Schall is the latest to join the cast of Butter; her role hasn't been specified. [Variety]

· Heads up, masochists! Sex and the City 2 tickets are already on sale -- six weeks before the film's May 27 opening. And apparently they're already moving units. Gah. [THR]