Get Low Trailer: Life at a Funeral


If you've ever wanted to attend your own funeral, you'll appreciate the premise of the Robert Duvall/Bill Murray comedy Get Low, which sees Duvall's character throwing a funeral party while still alive. There's just one problem: instead of eulogizing his awesome "I'm an ornery old man" beard, most people in town would rather roast the man.

The new trailer for the film gives ample indication of why Get Low has been a festival hit thus far: great actors (including Sissy Spacek), great dialogue, and kooky flavor. Still, my biggest take-away was the uncanny sense of deja vu I had when I saw a bundled-up Bill Murray standing in front of an old-timey microphone, looking for all the world like his brother Brian Doyle-Murray ready to announce Punxsutawney Phil's preference in Groundhog Day. Make of that what you will!