6 Stoner-Friendly Movie Events to Help Celebrate 4/20


As a bourbon and tobacco guy myself, I harbor some envy for an entire marijuana-smoking subculture that has a full day dedicated to honoring its favorite pastime. For that sector's moviegoers, 4/20 (based on the shorthand derived from the time of day legendarily associated with ganja intake) this year boasts a few events around the country that might put your quasi-holiday over the top:


It's not technically a "movie event," but a free Sarah Silverman appearance certifies as a bona fide 4/20 cultural happening. The actress, comedienne and avowed pot loyalist will drop by the Barnes and Noble in Union Square at 7 p.m., reading from and signing copies of her new memoir, The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee. At last calculation, the chances of hearing a reefer anecdote are hovering right around 92.9 percent.


The producers of the documentary How Weed Won the West are debuting their film at the Paramount Theater -- yes, the Paramount Theater on the Paramount lot -- at 7 p.m. The event also features an afterparty, live music and what promises to be the most furtive drug consumption ever indulged on a major studio lot.

Also, two screenings of the classic pot-paranoia flick Reefer Madness will occur at the Vine Theater at 4:20 and 8:20 p.m.; $9 gets you through the door and a copy of the film to take home for keeps. Tickets here.


A tandem of once and future stoner classics screen at the Red Vic, starting with The Big Lebowski and followed by a midnight sneak preview of the performance doc Cheech & Chong's Hey Watch This, the duo's first film in more than a quarter-century.


Of course, there is a 420 Film Festival, and the Canadians have cornered the market on it. Find program description and details at the event's Web site.


The concert movie Phish 3-D is screening at a handful of theaters around the country, including in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and Denver. According to the film's Web site, the screenings are sold out, but that's never stopped anyone from stalking the box office ahead of a Phish showtime to badger his or way in. And in any case, the film opens April 30 nationwide. Not the same, I know, but hey.

And bonus, wherever you live: There's always Avatar.


  • NP says:

    Or else I can pass out at home with a piece of pastry in one hand and a pipe in the other, the Smiley Face DVD menu playing on an endless loop.

  • The Winchester says:

    Why is there no rep house in LA showing the Mummy Trilogy today?!?!

  • The Winchester says:

    Barring that, maybe a Krull screening with Rush playing over it?