'Right' from the Heart


· Don't let the "jokes" in this video fool you; Kelsey Grammer is plenty serious about The Right Network, a new conservative channel devoted to promoting "all that is Right in the world." Here, he lists a whole bunch of bad, not-so-Tea-Party-friendly things to give you the impression he understands the nation's woes. In case you're placing bets, he doesn't bring up Hank. [Gawker]

· French president Nicolas Sarkozy is now hand-delivering doodle notes to President Obama. And what does his newest scrawl say? "Plz pardon my BFF Roman Polanski. Srsly he's supernice. :P" [Daily Beast]

· Adam Lambert's "Glam Nation" tour dates have been announced. Victory for mankind: One of his opening acts is Idol fourth-place finisher Allison Iraheta. [Zap2It]

· In case you thought there wasn't life after Dancing with the Stars, current contender Nicole Scherzinger may have just started her career anew. [ONTD]

· Lastly, Oprah responded to Kitty Kelley's unauthorized biography with a cheerful digestion adage: "This too, shall pass." [ONTD]