How Well Does Kiefer Sutherland Clean Up After A Strip Club Hangover?


Kiefer Sutherland was sitting outside of a London strip club last Thursday morning at 4 A.M.: drunk, sore from being manhandled by bouncers, and exhausted from robot-dancing the night away. In a scenario straight out of a Bizarro World 24, the actor had only a few hours to sober up before promoting his Sundance bomb Twelve on one of Britain's most popular talk shows. How did the real-life Jack Bauer fare?

Surprisingly, Sutherland pulled himself together in time to tape his Friday Night with Jonathan Ross segment quite well. He looked great, sounded coherent and was able to captivate the audience with tales so tall that they may or may not have been entirely true. The anecdotes, as well as the complete video, are below:

On his 2007 DUI...

"I had made a really stupid mistake, and on so many different levels, but we were at a wrap party and I had had a few too many drinks and I was going to drive home. I had obviously had more than was legally allowed, but I had done it while we were shooting. I put a lot of things in jeopardy. This show [24], that has been the greatest gift I've ever had. This crew that I was responsible for...this is how they make a living. I basically asked, 'Instead of going to a trial or anything like that--' I basically said, 'What is the maximum penalty for this?' They told me that it was about three months in jail and I said, 'Well, I'd like to just do it now. This is the time I've got [thanks to the writers' strike].' It was a mistake I had made before and I was so cross with myself. It was basically my way of teaching myself a lesson."

On the jail protecting Kiefer from the other inmates...

"I think the jail was quite worried about getting sued so they really had to make sure that I was safe. So, I was in solitary for a long time."

On his time off...

The last time I had a real break like this, at least in front of me, that's when I started a rodeo and learned how to do that...I was living in Montana and I had moved there to ski and I had no idea what to do in the summer so I started messing around with horses because I fell in love with those during the Young Guns pictures and my neighbors ran cattle. They started showing me how to use a rope and one thing led to another. I had a real natural affinity for it and I joined the United States Team Roping Championships and went to the national finals in '94 and '96."

Watch and learn.


  • AW says:

    The Jonathan Ross show is actually pre-recorded on a Thursday so Sutherland’s trip to a Strip joint would have been after the interview. Anyway it was a weird sort of interview because you didn’t know how much of a yarn he was spinning as he keeps his emotions in check throughout.