Hey, Glee: Popular Struck Madonna's Pose First


Now that Glee's "Vogue" sorta-parody has become a source of viral fixation, it's time to pay dues to the other Ryan Murphy show with a lookalike Madonna tribute: Popular. The beloved '99-'01 WB series featured Melissa Etheridge's ex Tammy Lynn Michaels as high school queen bee Nicole Julian, and during one pep squad rehearsal, Nicole summoned the noir lighting and geometric poses of the Material Guru's gayest (and greatest) video. So how does she measure up to gay-and-great Jane Lynch?

The scale of tribute isn't as grand or precise (Pinstripes? Come on, that's from "Express Yourself"), but the effect is the same. Michaels's cone-caressing abilities may even supersede Lynch's, but they both still qualify as "ladies with an attitude."

Michaels recently rehashed her experience mimicking Madonna in her Hollywood Farm Girl blog: "I remember i was super self-conscious about showing off the 'area above my navel'....and do we need to talk about my tittays in those GIANT CONES?" Yes, we do.

Vogue: Popular's Tammy Lynn Michaels Did It First [Zap2It]


  • Mike says:

    I don't think there's been a more anticipated episode of TV this season than tomorrow's Madonna episode...with the finale of LOST aside, of course. Sue's version of VOGUE and the song list is incredible - I've included a link to the video released by Fox and all the streaming songs below.

  • gbtw says:

    how incredible was POPULAR? and, how sad is it that tammy lynne hasn't done anything since? (has she?) the only excuse for that show not making it is that it was ahead of it's time. loved it, and all of its characters... including DELTA! feeling very sad that they were robbed of the glory they deserved...

  • Lisa says:

    TheWrap has an interesting piece about the licensing side of the show, which should have Madonna “Glee”-ful over her licensing revenues!

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