Beastly Trailer: Mary-Kate Olsen is the Littlest Witch


In the upcoming film Beastly, Mary-Kate Olsen curses handsome-but-vain Alex Pettyfer (the rising star who was just cast in I Am Number Four) with a twisted visage that teaches him that real beauty comes from within. Fortunately, there's one thing about the newly hideous, frequently shirtless Pettyfer that survives unscathed: his killer abs.

It's that kind of compromise that makes Beastly more palatable for the young girls who are being wooed to see this take on the classic Beauty and the Beast story, but that's not to say it doesn't have a couple things going for it: Neil Patrick Harris, for one, and the writer/director Daniel Barnz, who made the underseen Phoebe in Wonderland. It just strikes me that in today's era of vain, obsessively groomed men, a butterface is one thing, but the loss of a hard-fought-for waistline is an altogether worse curse entirely.

VERDICT: Needs more Olsen.

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  • bess marvin, girl detective says:

    The only beastly thing about this movie is Lisa Gay Hamilton's accent.

  • TurdBlosom says:

    Proof that you can be ugly as sin, but a six pack (and not the drinking kind) will still make you do-able.

  • Citizen Bitch says:

    agree with verdict, why can't the witch have a twin witch?

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  • Ms.Carrazco says:

    I actually liked this movie. It was a nice, modern spin of "Beauty and the Beast". I would have let my 11.5 year old look at if it didn't use certain phrases like "sucks ass". The blink tutor could have simply said Sucks or Sucks Bad, Sucks big time, Sucks like Hell. Anything along those lines would have surficed but his phrase was so crass and graphic for those of us who know but have even a little "class" and opens worldly doors too soon for the innocent, so much so that it immediately pushed up an otherwise age appropriate movie to a rating that is "out of reach" for tweens. This is what happens when adults try too hard to prove they are still "cool","down", "suave" or what ever expression being used to say "I'm still in".