Weekend Receipts: Dragon Kicks Ass

For a second straight weekend, the box office tea leaves won't be fully read until Monday when final figures are released, but for now: Bow to Dragon! In its fourth week, the animated hit jumped from third place to first to capture the weekend crown, besting assumed winner, Kick-Ass. Those who still think the R-rated comic book movie isn't a major disappointment, should probably stop now. Strap on a codpiece, drop a few c-bombs and enjoy some weekend receipts.

1. How to Train Your Dragon

Gross: $20,000,000 ($158,618,000)

Screens: 3,825 (PSA: $5,229)

Weeks: 4 (change: -19.6%)

Remember when How to Train Your Dragon was considered a disappointment? Whoops! Buoyed by outstanding word of mouth -- and outstandingly high IMAX ticket prices -- the Dreamworks Animation hit jumped back to number one three weeks after its debut. If the results hold, Dragon will become the first film to have non-consecutive weeks at number one since The Chronicles of Narnia in 2005. Take that Pixar!

2. Kick-Ass

Gross: $19,750,000 (new)

Screens: 3,065 (PSA: $6,444)

Weeks: 1

Obviously, this isn't what everyone was expecting. Now to the important question: How long before Lionsgate trots out the "Kids bought tickets for How to Train Your Dragon but snuck into Kick-Ass!" defense?

3. Date Night

Gross: $17,300,000 ($49,246,000)

Screens: 3,380 (PSA: $5,118)

Weeks: 2 (change: -31.4%)

That the mostly mediocre Date Night had good enough word of mouth to only dip 31 percent from last weekend is just further proof that people simply love Tina Fey and Steve Carell. That they made this movie for 20th Century Fox and not NBC Universal -- y'know, the company that airs their sitcoms! -- is just another hilarious misstep for the fledgling studio.

4. Death at a Funeral

Gross: $17,000,000 (new)

Screens: 2,459 (PSA: $6,913)

Weeks: 1

Further indignity for Kick-Ass: Screen Gems's Death at a Funeral had a better per-screen average.

5. Clash of the Titans

Gross: $15,770,000 ($132,985,000)

Screens: 3,753 (PSA: $4,202)

Weeks: 3 (change: -40.8%)

Titans! Will! Thank Zeus that 3D tickets are so expensive!

[Box Office Mojo]


  • Enriquez the Water Bottle says:

    "Further indignity for Kick-Ass: Screen Gems’s Death at a Funeral had a better per-screen average."
    Except, looking at your stats, it didn't.

  • Christopher Rosen says:

    Ah, dyslexia at work. Fixed.

  • bierce says:

    I found it really funny that on Saturday, when this site was headlining "Why did Kick-Ass Bomb?" the headline at HitFix was "Kick-Ass does exactly that with $7.5 million Friday".

  • anonymous says:

    Hey guys it was just reported that Kick-Ass actually won with 19.8mil
    and Dragon was actually second place with 19.6mil
    ...and I don't think Lionsgate is gonna be needing to trot out any defense of anything now.