Ryan Phillippe Hosts Saturday Night Live: What Up With That?


Ryan Phillippe seems about as natural a choice to host Saturday Night Live as Charles Barkley, until you remember that Phillippe has a co-starring role in next month's MacGruber. And while he was certainly passable as host -- this wasn't January Jones territory -- the question must be asked: How does Lorne Michaels let Phillippe host an episode and not demand an appearance from MacGruber? This is marketing 101-type stuff! Okay, sure he mentioned the new movie during the opening monologue -- a very funny bit that featured other recurring characters hoping for their own chance on the big screen -- but that was all. Talk about a missed opportunity! Check out the monologue -- and some crazy ridiculousness from Ke$ha -- after the jump.

True story: Keenan Thompson gets funnier every episode. But the most hilarious skit of the night belonged to Ke$ha. She was right about her comic skills! Oh wait, this wasn't a skit? Ah. That's awkward.

[Saturday Night Live]


  • JM says:

    Not a fan of the What Up With That sketch but would say Kenan is probably one of the funnier ppl on the show. Sucks that he isn't getting many film roles.

  • Either Phillippe was having trouble reading his cue cards on several occasions, or Reese Witherspoon was just off-stage brandishing a knife and a anatomically correct voodoo doll. Or he's just dumber than a box of abs, with the comedic skills of typhoid.
    Anyone else disappointed those lasers didn't shoot right through Ke$ha's hands? Or set her body paint on fire?

  • hellcat says:

    I want to like SNL. I wish it were like it was in the 70's. But then I watch Monte Python's Flying Circus and I don't know why SNL ever bothered.

  • EnglishE valuator says:

    Don't know if this means anything, but I noticed on the Phillippe monologue when Keenan did his SHTICK, that he was saying, "WHAT'S Up with that?" not his usual "WHAT up with that?" soooo, WHAT UP WITH THAT?

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