Final Lost Cast Photo Missing One Important Person


You have to wonder what obsessive geeks -- myself included here -- are going to, well, obsess over when Lost shuffles off this mortal coil for good in May. For instance: Will people bother with conspiracy theories about why a certain cast member isn't present in a promotional photo for The Good Wife? Probably not. Regardless, the final cast pic for Lost has made an appearance in TV Guide and sharp-eyed viewers will notice the absence of one very special player. Hint: It's Desmond. Check out the photo after the jump and conspire away!


· Final 'Lost' Cast Photo Released (pics) [THR/The Live Feed]


  • Sowed Mujjuzi says:

    Ya! Now that you hinted and i have seen that Desmond is out, why is that way. dont you thin we have to know?

  • KateFan says:

    Is it just me, or is Jack not listed at the bottom of the photos as well?

  • snickers says:

    "With the exception of Matthew Fox, who's repeatedly stated that he's done with television once Lost ends..."

  • The Evil Marshall D says:

    Where's Sawyer? Probably out there sassing Jacob somewhere.

  • Michael Strangeways says:

    There's no mystery about it...Henry Ian Cusick isn't a series regular this season...only series regulars get to appear in the official cast photo. Which is a bit dumb when you consider that Desmond is a far more important character than the useless Ilana, Miles and Lapidus who ARE series regulars.

  • jbdean says:

    Where's the only one I care about? WHERE IS DESMOND (AKA: HENRY IAN CUSICK)?????

  • Ellen says:

    Listen up ABC. You are being disrespectful to Des fans all over.
    Please end this farce, and give us a final season cast photo including our beloved Des.