Did Conan Leno Lopez?


Perhaps! At least if you believe Page Six. According to the New York Post gossip staple, George Lopez was not keen on moving his show from its 11 p.m. time slot to make room for Conan O'Brien, but "was told that if he wasn't supportive, his show would not be renewed." Worse, if Lopez Tonight were to get canceled, Conan's production company would get to develop a midnight program, so "it's in Conan's best interest for Lopez's show to fail." Naturally, TBS has denied this and rep for Lopez said it was all "fabricated," but you have to assume Jay Leno is laughing pretty hard right now. [Page Six]


  • Wade says:

    Yeah, because the New York Post has so much credibility. Why would a fledgling TV show with close to zero visibility on a basic cable network want a lead-in with heavy national exposure and a proven track record? A time slot means so much when you've got a 0.0 rating. You don't suppose the NYP might have just made this up because it's an automatically hooky story... Nah, not that bastion of journalistic integrity.

  • think ink says:

    i agree with Wade, totally. why is Movieline so ready to bash Coco? He's been a total class act thru all of this.

  • Chicago Sometimes says:

    Call me in 16 years when Coco screws him out of a job after Lopez busts his ass at midnight making loud hokey Spanglish jokes.
    This is nonsense.

  • CactusHeart says:

    Good riddance, Lopez. His double-standards in using stereotypes/racist remarks for laughs couldn't POSSIBLY be any LESS funny. Lopez, take notes from Dave Chapelle: be an "equal opportunity offender" *lol*

  • vanya on 125th st says:

    Jay is too complicit in the art of being obtuse to laugh about this except in the shower. Besides, Jay remembers all too well how the Post works, since it was Helen Kushnick who started the 'NBC dumping Carson' rumors in the NY papers to get the ball rolling for his ascension.
    Jay is comfy again, what does he care? Interesting though, how the Post is a Murdoch (NewsCorp/Fox) paper...

  • jwmellott says:

    I don't care what the truth is. I'm just glad that Conan will be on a station that I never watch.

  • think ink says:

    ooh i like your conspiracy theory, Vanya. extremely plausible...

  • If nothing else, I think Conan would be too smart to participate in this sort of Lenoesque deal, because he's reaped huge benefits from being the nice guy and the wronged party.

  • Kelly says:

    What proven track record does Conan have at 11pm? None. When he got the Tonight Show he had been on NBC for over fifteen years, so he should have had a built in audience at 11:30 pm. To blame Leno for his own failure and then throw a temper tantrum in front of the whole country was a sad thing to watch. Conan is spoiled and entitled.
    Moreover, Conan sees no problem doing to Lopez what he accused Leno of doiing to him. What a hypocrite. Even worse, TBS is making Lopez carry Conan's water.
    To the person who says that Lopez has a 0.0 rating, that's false. He gets 1 million viewers a night, and he wins his timeslot in the 18-34 demographic. Now that Lopez has established a late night audience on TBS at 11pm, Conan will swoop in and take it. Then when Lopez creates a late night audience for TBS at midnight, Conan will take that too.
    Conan, Andy Richter, and the Max Weinberg Seven...