5 Pilots That the Networks Shouldn't Even Bother With

Good news for planners! Movieline sister site Deadline posted their annual Hot List of primetime pilots for the 2010-2011 television season on Friday, meaning you can get an early jump on all that pesky DVR scheduling. Though with 36 pilots on tap, clearly not every show will get picked up by their respective network. But which five shouldn't even bother? Find out after the jump.

1. Security, Fox

Having failed on series for ABC and NBC already -- and this sure-to-be dud for Fox -- there comes a point when you have to wonder: Does Christian Slater have naked photos of every network head honcho? Les Mooves better watch his back!

2. Friends with Benefits, NBC

Here's the pitch: "Five twentysomething friends who, until they find 'the one,' are content to have 'friends with benefits.'" Party Down co-star Ryan Hansen notwithstanding, would you ever? No, you wouldn't.

3. Defenders, CBS

Because when hear Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell, the first thing you think of is "legal drama!"

4. Keep Hope Alive, Fox

While this comes from My Name is Earl creator Greg Garcia, the fact that it's about a single guy raising an infant with the help of his family -- while the baby mama sits on death row -- just screams, "Fridays on Fox!" Thus, draw up the cancellation papers now.

5. Perfect Couples, NBC

That Christine Woods left FlashForward for the lead on this, basically tells you all you need to know about the chances of FlashForward getting a second season. It also should tell you that Perfect Couples -- with its 1999-approved Friends rip-off premise -- is a dud.

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