Friday Box Office: Ass Kicked


And you thought Watchmen was a box office disappointment. Expected to take in upwards of $30 million, the much (much) publicized Kick-Ass could only muster $7.5 million on Friday night, meaning it might not even crack $20 million. Maybe the geeks haven't inherited the earth. Death at a Funeral didn't fare much better: the comedy pulled in an estimated $6 million on Friday and could wind up behind Date Night before the weekend is through. The very underwhelming top-five ahead.

1. KICK-ASS: $7,500,000 (new)

2. DEATH AT A FUNERAL: $6,000,000 (new)

3. DATE NIGHT: $5,700,000 ($37,600,000)

4. CLASH OF THE TITANS: $4,400,000 ($121,600,000)

5. HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: $4,200,000 ($142,800,000)