Hurley is Your Tour Guide


· Want to go on a tour of iconic Lost shooting locations led by the show's man of the week, Jorge Garcia? The LAT followed Garcia around with a camera as he took them to the Dharma barracks, the island golf course, the graveyard and more, all the while showing off his good memory for Lost arcana. That's fine and dandy, but I would have preferred an Emile de Ravin-led video of the locations where she screamed, "My baby!" [LAT]

· Back in the day, we let you know that John Malkovich would play Vulture in the aborted Spider-Man 4. Now, the actor is speaking out about the project's dissolution: "Well, I think a lot of the people who sort of follow that genre... I'm not sure, I never really spoke with Sam about this, but I'm not sure they--maybe the kind of fanbase, the fanboys--either didn't approve of [The Vulture] as an adversary for [Spidey] to some extent...or maybe the studio [didn't]. Or maybe that was totally unrelated to why it fell apart." [Slashfilm]

· Congratulations to Christina Applegate, who's gotten engaged to her musician boyfriend Martyn LeNoble. [PopEater]

· Scream 4 will be shooting in Michigan. Scary. [Detroit Free-Press via Coming Soon]

· Madonna has issued her full statement on Glee: "I thought the Madonna episode of Glee was brilliant on every level. The dialogue and the entire script was genius. I completely appreciated the layers of irony, especially when all those macho boys sang 'What It Feels Like For A Girl.' I also loved the fantastic performances of 'Vogue,' 'Express Yourself' and all the messages about the boys being respectful to girls. The entire cast was amazing. They're all so talented. I especially loved Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) and Kurt Hummel's (Chris Colfer) characters. Ryan Murphy did a great job bringing all these elements together. Lola loved the show too. I wish I went to a high school like that...If only." Yeah, she has never watched an episode of this. [Us]