Project Runway's Jay Sario Sounds Off to Movieline: 'I Knew I Was Robbed'


Jay Nicolas Sario's fourth-place finish on Project Runway isn't just a loss for the 31-year-old San Francisco resident himself -- it kinda sucks for us too. Jay's deocy collection at Bryant Park was a master class production, and seeing Michael Kors rendered asthmatic would have been a record-early Christmas treat. Sadly, Jay was eliminated in favor of Mila last night, but he took time to tell Movieline about Tim Gunn's advice, Mila's "expected" collection, and the fellow designer who helped him during a dark hour.

Let's talk about Tim Gunn visiting your place in San Francisco. Does he really hang out with your family all day? Or is he out of the door in a half hour?

He was there the whole entire time until we finished everything. I think he left as soon as the "interview" part of the episode started. That was, like, at 5 p.m. basically. We started from 5 a.m. all the way to 5 p.m. I think he flew from L.A. because he had just visited Mila the day before, but he was really exhausted; by 5 p.m. I knew he was ready to check out. We spent a lot of time talking to my parents, my aunt, and my partner. He really enjoyed sitting down with us and having Filipino cooking for the first time. So it was a 12-hour filming.

Tim wrote in his blog that the two of you had butted heads during the show. We didn't see much of that. Can you elaborate on the disagreements?

You know, I went into the show not knowing who I am as a designer. I discovered my point of view, and I thank Project Runway for that. I did a lot of things that exaggerate the female's butt, and they didn't like that. I think that was one of the things that I wanted to focus on, and have women feel comfortable: that no matter how much I try to make your ass look big, it don't matter what people say about it. It's all about the confidence you have to wear the pieces I make for you. Most of the time, [Tim] didn't agree with that. Like, I don't know if you noticed -- in this one challenge, I added these, kind of like, buff things on the side of the pants, and once again I exaggerated that part of a female's body. And my burlap dress, I made the ass ginormous, and the Heidi challenge, I made another dress that's volumetric. I think those are the things we disagreed upon. He didn't necessarily disagree on my point of view, he disagreed with that kind of thing that I always do.


When you were on the runway standing with Mila, how did you feel about her work as it was presented to the judges?

You know, I thought the craftsmanship was there. Her point of view was there. But it was expected. It was black and white. It's the stuff she's been doing over and over and over again over the past challenges. If you look at her portfolio, it's black and white. I didn't really see that as a threat. At that point I was confident because I thought of the top three looks I showed as being innovative pieces and fashion-forward. I thought those were the key points why I should move forward to Fashion Week, and not her.

Lifetime Network conspiracy question: Did you feel a little doomed since you were a dude?

[Laughs] Well, three girls showed before [in seasons five and six]. I thought there's probably going to be a twist. They're going to want to switch it up this time -- maybe the guys are all going to Fashion Week. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

Just days after being eliminated, what was it like to show your decoy collection at Bryant Park? Was it at all a bitter experience?

I don't think so. To be honest with you, I felt like I had the worst situation among all the people that had been eliminated, because I was so close to Fashion Week. I got eliminated three days before Fashion Week while everyone else, they get eliminated during summertime. They got four months to get over it. To me, it wasn't necessarily unfair, but it was tough, because I was dealing with my grief while doing final touches for my collection. I don't think I felt bitter about it. I knew I felt robbed. I felt robbed and shocked over the judges' decision. I know I'm not the kind of person who can get over things easily.

As soon as I got eliminated, Anthony became my roommate. He really took care of me emotionally and supported me emotionally. He knew right there and then that I needed him. I didn't have to ask him to be my roommate -- he knew, he asked the production assistants, "I know Jay got eliminated, and I know he needs me. So he and I need to be roommates." It was really helpful. And I love him for that. I'm thankful that he supported me that way.


The quality of your collection far surpassed many of the decoys. Was it strange to be considered an also-ran with those collections?

I think a lot of it has to do with that I worked on my collection knowing I had a chance to show at Fashion Week. If I was a decoy, if I was say, for instance, Amy, I'm not sure if I would've put the same passion into it. You know what I mean? I worked my collection knowing I'm still in the competition, not because I was asked to do a collection as a decoy.

So: Who should win Project Runway?

Oh, God. [Laughs] I think Seth Aaron. Um, he -- he is, well, he's a good friend of mine. [Laughs] But he showed consistently every single challenge, he showed who he is as a fashion designer, and the judges love that about him. I hope he wins. I mean, I already know who wins. But I hope he wins.

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  • Jay sucks. says:

    i cant believe what jay said about cerri on the final episode. that was so rude - she was just stating her opinion and he flipped out like a little girl and made an extremely rude comment. and she was my favorite model! get a life jay

  • Fellow designer says:

    The comment was uncalled for, but as a designer myself, I think I would also really take it to heart if a model (who I've never interacted with) commented something negative like that; maybe it was the way she said it too.
    Bottom line: There's no excuse for that rude comment, but there is a reason why Jay took it very seriously.
    p.s. i love both jay and cerri! 🙂

  • YEAH! says:

    Jay's immaturity was annoying to me throughout the show, but I had no idea how stupid he could be until the reunion episode and his jab at Cerri's physical characteristics (and, by the way, I think she's GORGEOUS) when all she was saying was that his work was not up her alley. Jay's work will only go as far as his mind can take it, and his mind is WEAK.

  • anonymous says:

    Don't take it personally? Is Cerri stupid! How can you not take it personally when someone is attacking your personal style. Jay's comment (albeit harsh) was understandable.

  • How RUDE!!!! says:

    I had to write because I saw a side of Jay last night I just couldn't forget. He's much too young to not be able to handle criticism especially in the field he is in. I find him angry and RUDE

  • mombo says:

    At first I really liked Jay. As time went on he seemed immature and petty. What he said last night was BAD and he better get a tough skin if he wants to make it in the fashion industry.

  • alicebluegown says:

    Cerri deserves a real apology, not the half-hearted one Jay was pressured to give her. Man up, Jay, your parents would be ashamed.

  • horrified says:

    Jay's ego is out of control. I honestly thought he was in his early twenties because he always acted like a child. He was exceptionally rude to Cerri on the reunion show. Cerri is a gorgeous, intelligent woman, and she took the high road even when Jay maliciously delivered his pre-planned line about what he sees as her shortcomings. You are a troll, Jay. You are a small, petty loser. And I never liked your designs either.

  • Tiana says:

    Jay, you are awesome! Everybody in here LA loves you! I am sorry for the injustice you had to face with Mila. It is clear to anyone that has eyes that you are 100,000,000 more original and talented. To the people that are running their yaps about what you said to that model- Who is she to talk? She rudely insulted your work (she did not just state that it wasn't her taste, she went way beyond that). The work that you put your blood, sweat and tears into, throughout hours upon hours. It is easy as pie to walk a straight line (I do it for a living as well). She has a lot of nerve and needed to be brought back to earth. She is not going to be decent looking forever and you will be a true talent till the day you die. Hopefully, with the help of the technology of the future, that will be 100+ yrs from now after dressing myself and everybody I know for the rest of our lives. We love Jay!!!

  • Angela says:

    I think on the finally show Jay just showed the judges exactly why they made the right decision. He is clearly not mature enough to handle a high level of success if thats how he deals with criticism, to personally attack someone on how they look?
    I clicked on this article and was appalled to learn that Jay is 31 years old??? Wow, I thought he was closer to 21 from the spoiled way he acts!
    He really has to get over himself if he wants to be successful.

  • evenhanded says:

    truly, there was no excuse for such a base, childish comment from jay. trying to excuse it by blaming someone else's behavior is an immature response. the one's doing so on this site are either teens, early twenties or very sad older adults.

  • jocelyn says:

    I totally agree - Jay had every right to say how he felt. The nerve for Cerri to give her opinion about his style - she doesn't know anything about fashion. Even Brandise the other model - they were just jealous because Jay didn't decide to work with them. Jay is a very talented designer and he should have gone to Bryant Park. He's a talented born designer.

  • ezk says:

    "The nerve for Cerri to give her opinion about his style - she doesn't know anything about fashion."
    justified or not, there's a huge difference between commenting on someone's work and commenting on their body, and jay knows that. he couldn't find anything professional to critique so he went for the place he knew he could hurt all women, by discussing physical characteristics. he should be ashamed. as a gay SF man myself, I am ashamed that this is how we've been represented by him. get over yourself, jay.

  • Tears says:

    Jay you shamed your family with your nasty ways and those posting here "in support?" would NOT be surprised if it was nasty JAY himself pretending to be others what person would support a shallow disgusting person like YOU.

  • I love JAY says:

    OMG Jay is so amazing!! YEAH RIGHT See how easy for him to pretend he is other people? How awful your dad and auntie must feel what a waste of air you are.

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