Party All the Time

The fun never stops at Movieline, where... actually, yeah, it does stop on occasion. Relive the good times in our handy Week in Review, and tune in tomorrow as your captain Christopher Rosen steers you through the weekend. Have a good one!

· As part of out first birthday celebration, we made predictions about the year ahead and treated ourselves to our new chief film critic Stephanie Zacharek. Welcome again, Stephanie!

· Thanks to our illustrious interviewees, including Sir Anthony Hopkins, Isabella Rossellini, Jorge Garcia, Harry Shum Jr., Project Runway castoff Anthony Williams, David Blue, Moment of Truth subject John Sloss and Verge designee Emma Stone.

· ZOMG Conan went to TBS. And to Eugene, Ore., apparently.

· We watched a lot of TV this week, including two episodes of American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, Glee, Lost, Project Runway, Fringe, V, Celebrity Apprentice, South Park, United States of Tara and Real Housewives of NYC. You're welcome!

· To help compensate for the light week of Two-Minute Verdicts -- including trailers for The Kids Are All Right and The Other Guys -- please accept this list of the 10 Greatest Music Videos Based on Movies.

· Oh, and I'd rather drink coffee out of a mug with lit firecracker taped to it (and that's just for starters) than watch the new trailer for Sex and the City 2.

· Announcements! Dixie Carter passed on. Kevin Eubanks is retiring (sort of). And Elizabeth Taylor is getting maaarrrrr-iiieeeeeed.

· A couple nifty exclusives pointed out what Olivia Wilde and Vincent Gallo are up to.

· What's missing from this year's Cannes Film Festival competition? Hint: It has two X chromosomes.