Now Showing: The Best Valentine to Film Noir You'll See All Day


Film-noir aficionados have been raving these past few days about a YouTube video called The Endless Night: A Valentine to Film Noir, made by Serena Bramble, a 20-year-old psychology student from Santa Rosa. Noir historian Eddie Muller found Bramble's video on YouTube and brought it to the big screen this past January at his Noir City festival in San Francisco. Muller showed it again this week in Los Angeles as part of Lust & Larceny: Film Noir 12th Annual Festival at the Egyptian. And now, because it's likely the coolest way to spend the next six minutes of your Friday, Movieline offers it to you.

Bramble's video, with Massive Attack's "Angel" as its score, is an affectionate tribute that functions as an evocative mini-history of the genre, and as a feat of editing it's both meticulous and heartfelt. Bramble lavishes special attention on the molls of film noir: There's Jane Greer working her shimmery bad-girl voodoo in Out of the Past, as well as Double Indemnity's Barbara Stanwyck with nothing but a bath-towel bandeau between the world and her dark heart. And yes, the piece does include films that are not strictly noir, like Notorious, but that's OK -- noir fanatics love to split hairs, and you're all invited to play along at home. What really matters is the noir vibe that Bramble captures so beautifully.