Miramax: Deal or No Deal?


Following preemptive reports that the Weinsteins (i.e. their backers, including Ron Burkle) won back their studio, all hell broke loose overnight in the Miramax sweepstakes. In a nutshell, Disney has reportedly denied that a Weinstein sale is imminent; if anything, the Weinsteins are closer to securing an exclusive negotiating window with Disney than they are to striking an actual deal. Come on, competitors David Bergstein and the Gores brothers! Let the Weinsteins have their baby! There's a perfectly good gently used studio in MGM that could desperately use suitors like you; go harass them, for heaven's sake. [Deadline]


  • Dw Dunphy says:

    I hope the Weinsteins get it back, but Disney is going to absolutely torture them all the way. Rag on Harvey all you want, insist on dogging him with the Harvey Scissorhands moniker, but he held that company together and was insistent that whatever came from it didn't embarrass them. Disney just saw it as a name and a staff that ground out sausage shaped like Oscar statues. They deserved to flop without the Weinsteins at the helm.
    But again, the process the boys will have to go through against the Mighty Mutant Mouse will be akin to many chainsaw assisted self-amputations with no anesthetic.