Hollywood Ink: That Mighty Mouse Reboot You Requested is On the Way


· Someone must have requested it, right? Because Paramount is planning a delivery: The search is on for a writer and a director to reinvent the classic hero-rodent cartoon Mighty Mouse in quintessentially 21-century fashion: Part live-action, part CGI, probably 3-D, and ironic enough to send up the superhero-genre craze the way it sort of did in its '40s heyday. Can we make him drunk like Hancock? Maybe kind of a slut like Tony Stark? What other vice would a flying mouse have in 2010? Gas-huffing? Otherwise I don't get it. [LAT]

Taylor Lautner gets a new leading lady, Curtis Hanson contemplates a new job, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Lily "Daughter of Phil" Collins nabbed the plum gig of the female lead in the forthcoming Taylor Lautner thriller Abduction. She's the one who will look agape and aghast as he slowly uncovers the kidnapping that brought him to his parents and/or takes off his shirt. [Variety]

· Speaking of Lautner, Liam Hemsworth is reportedly close to taking the role the young superstar abandoned in the "extreme flying" flick Northern Lights. [Deadline]

· Director Curtis Hanson is the front-runner to direct an untitled biopic about Bill Anthony Jakob, a security guard who impersonated a cop in order to lead the round-up of drug dealers in a small Missouri town. He's in jail now. Actor-writer-director Clark Gregg would likely contribute the screenplay; the project is set up at Fox Searchlight. [Deadline]

· Tomorrow's B-movie classics today: Samuel L. Jackson and Kellan Lutz are in talks to co-star in Deathgames, a production of something actually called the Motion Picture Corporation of America. Amazing. The logline is more amazing still: "The story centers on a young man (Lutz) who is kidnapped and forced into the savage world of a modern gladiator arena, where men fight to the death for entertainment of the online masses. Jackson orchestrates the games, overseeing them from his computer lair with the help of twin ladies who see to his every desire." Budget: $10 million. Somewhere Roger Corman is beaming from ear to ear. [THR]