VIDEO: Eliot Spitzer Plays Himself in Untitled Eliot Spitzer Film


Maybe I overlooked a few things or simply didn't do enough probing to understand that Eliot Spitzer is actually in Alex Gibney's new, untitled documentary about the disgraced former New York governor. Like, if I were Spitzer? And I saw the Oscar-winning investigative filmmaker behind Taxi to the Dark Side, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room and the upcoming Casino Jack and the United States of Money approaching my front door? I would turn off every light, close every curtain, hide beneath the bed and quite possibly consider relocating to another state under cover of night, kind of like the Colts fled Baltimore back in 1982. The last thing I would do is talk to the guy. And on camera? Forget about it. But: That's why he's Spitzer, I guess, and this first clip from Gibney's doc hints at some of the interrogation to expect.

Spitzer's entrance is kind of a "whoa" moment, at least in this context; paired here with the incredulous former head of the Emperor's Club VIP escort service, his presence in the juxtaposition reveals more than anything he says. He's still got a bit of his trademark "steamroller" arrogance in such self-comparisons to Icarus, etc., but Gibney's off-camera line of questioning hints at a steady check against hubris, inflation and/or BS. In short: I seriously can't wait for this movie.

Look for more here at Movieline as the April 24 work-in-progress screening approaches...

· Exclusive: film clip on Spitzer's fall [Fortune]


  • gbtw says:

    wow. this guy is fascinating. how he and constantine could ever have gotten along with those two egos is beyond my imagination.

  • Martini Shark says:

    Spitzer portrays himself? Careful Elliot, you'll be typecast.

  • Susan says:

    This man is a pig..first class. I will not waste my time or money going to see his movie. Enough is enough get these pig men out of the media, as I am sick of watching and hearing about them. What does it take to get that done....their outta here...gone...see ya..never to be heard from again!!!! ps: DAMN Elliot you are one UGLY man...did that little whore put a bag over that head????