T-Minus 7 Hours and Counting to Win a Free iPad From Movieline!

You -- yes, you. Stop what you're doing. I mean, whatever it is you're doing besides reading this. You look like could use a shiny new iPad courtesy of Movieline, and I'm here to help explain your last chance of scoring it. But time is short -- you only have until 9 p.m. PT / midnight ET! Tonight! Instructions after the jump.

Hightail it over to Movieline's Facebook page, where joining as a fan right now entitles you to the opportunity to win big! And I mean big. Like, these things cost hundreds of dollars! Who has hundreds of dollars? I sure don't. Not after today, anyway. Thanks for nothing, Uncle Sam, you bitch.

Anyway, I digress: Five lucky Facebook chums will win a free iPad. Just like that. So now you can really stop what you're doing, click here, do that foxy fortune-dance you're so good at and keep your ears peeled. Good luck!


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