Salt Gives Jolie a Sexist Makeover


How much did the upcoming action thriller Salt change when Angelina Jolie took the part meant for Tom Cruise? "In the original script, there was a huge sequence where Edwin Salt saves his wife, who's in danger," director Phillip Noyce told EW. "And what we found was when Evelyn Salt saved her husband in the new script, it seemed to castrate his character a little. So we had to change the nature of that relationship." Yes, even gorgeous, imaginary action heroines have husbands who are threatened by their success. Thanks, Hollywood! [EW]


  • DarkKnightShyamalan says:

    How do you castrate someone a "little bit"?

  • anonymous says:

    That is sexist. Whats wrong with a heroine saving her husband? I find that a refreshing reversal.

  • robert baird says:

    It's sad that women still aren't seen as equal to men. Men rely on women daily - very often men are "saved" by women on a daily basis. And men are sometimes saved in dire, dramatic, and physically challenging situations by women. Too bad Hollywood can't portray that.