Late Night Highlights: The Truth About Hover Boards and the Tale of Tracy Morgan and MJ's 'Thriller' Glove

Poor Luke Wilson. He films one movie with Tracy Morgan and now he is harassed by every single interviewer for crazy stories about working with the 30 Rock actor. Last night, George Lopez continued the tradition by coaxing anecdotes out of him about Tracy leaving voice messages as Darth Vader to his son and Tracy's Michael Jackson memorabilia. Click through for the latest chapter of Tracy Morgan Set Stories, as well as the other highlights you missed last night while finishing your taxes.

4. Catching Up with Andie MacDowell

Regardless of how much you pay her, Andie MacDowell will not make out with someone the same age as her son. At least that is what she told Craig Ferguson on last night's Late Late Show while promoting her Lifetime movies At Risk and The Front.

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