BREAKING: Weinsteins Buying Back Miramax?


Happy days are here again! Disney has reportedly chosen Harvey and Bob Weinstein's $600 million bid to reclaim Miramax Films, the label they started 31 years ago before breaking away in a rift with... Disney, which acquired the minimajor in 1993. It's like a giant schadenfreude sandwich on rye, but don't worry about it. All you need to know is that if the word on the street is in fact accurate, and if the Weinsteins are restored to their place atop the Miramax food chain, and if Harvey's power and bluster return stronger than ever, and if the Miramax name crests like a phoenix from its ashen repose on some disused back lot in Burbank, then maybe -- just maybe -- Hoodwinked 2 might eventually be released. Developing... [THR]