Next on the 3-D Bandwagon: Werner Herzog


Werner Herzog will reportedly join Martin Scorsese in the race to become the first internationally recognized auteur to adopt 3-D. More jaw-dropping still: The Bavarian master/raconteur/adventurer will use the technology on a documentary about cave paintings. "I can have only three people with me, and I can use only lights which must not create temperature," Herzog said of the filming process. "For each shot, because the technology is not really advanced, we had to build [our] own camera from zero using a specific configuration of lenses and mirrors. We are doing something nobody has done with 3-D." Sounds great! Not so great: The odds of finding an art-house theater that can project it. [Roger Ebert via The Guardian]


  • rabidgoon says:

    I was so excited reading this until that last line. How sad and true. Will the pedestrian masses ever develop the taste in anything necessary to enable films like this to be seen in the way they're intended? Doubtful. Maybe IFC Center in NYC can do 3-D. We can only hope.