Mel Gibson, Oksana Grigorieva No Longer Making Beautiful, Unlistenable Music Together


Good grief, Hollywood -- enough already with the celebrity bust-ups. Right around the same time today Larry King was croaking "Go ahead, caller" to his divorce attorney, word tumbled over the transom confirming the sad news that Mel Gibson and his Russian vocalist girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva have also called it quits after a year of dating and procreating. But it was fun while it lasted! Or at least it was fun for lovers of faintly adequate pop-music songs with videos over-directed by Oscar-winning anti-Semites. Because these two were the gold standard. Click through and reflect on the good times.

The couple, which has a 5-month-old daughter together, was said by a Grigorieva rep to have simply grown apart. That'll happen. One can only wonder, though, if their break-up involved Gibson finally gonging her off the stage, followed by commentary by Jaye P. Morgan and Jamie Farr about their short-lived creative partnership. It's a easy scene to envision under the circumstances, particularly considering their legacy as cemented forever in Grigorieva's classic ballad "Beautiful Heartache." Pity.

Anyway, Gibson will eventually need a new date to the Beaver premiere. Anyone?

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