Life After Death at a Funeral

· Tracy Morgan and Chris Rock sat down for a session of Moviefone's "Unscripted" series to promote their new movie Death at a Funeral. Shocking claims: Eddie Murphy's Delirious is better than Thriller, Jay-Z "wouldn't have been around" in 1988, and J-Lo and Tracy Morgan have a secret love child. [Moviefone]

· Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger is terrifying enough, but when Nightmare on Elm Street's protagonist looks like a frightened Emily Blunt, I start weeping right there. [EW]

· VH1's planning a new series called Football Wives. Bravo's Andy Cohen is already giggling to death. [Variety]

· The full version of the Glee cast's "Like a Prayer" cover is out. We'll have to wait until the episode to see if Sue Sylvester sets the goal posts on fire and dances around them with a rosary-beaded whistle. [ONTD]


  • paneriab says:

    too good to say it was awesome and the movie looks to be in good shape and now days most of the guys are went on to see it. as i did it too with the first week end of the movie. slow growth been showing in concept of the earning of the movie and it was a good sigh too

  • Ryse Edwards says:

    This is not a great movie but it is a good movie with some genuine laughs. I enjoyed this far more than Date Night, which was also good and had a few laughs. I think Hollywood needs some lessons on comic timing and the such. Truthfully, this could have been a far better movie but when it works it works very well. Neil Labute demonstrates that he is a very competent director. The film is well paced, and the acting is from good to very good. It does not turn into a blacksploitation comedy at any time.