Jane Lynch's Shot-for-Shot 'Vogue' Remake: Faithful to a Fault

David Fincher, you've been sweded. The director's iconic Madonna music video for "Vogue" was recreated shot-for-shot in a segment added to last night's return of the Fox songfest Glee, starring the show's Jane Lynch. It was...unexpectedly straight-faced!

I wasn't even sure until a throwaway line near the end whether Lynch was playing Madonna or playing Sue Sylvester playing Madonna, and I wouldn't have minded a few more of those digressions from the Fincher clip; hell, even Gus Van Sant stuck a couple random embellishments into his Psycho remake (Remember Julianne Moore always wearing headphones? What was that about?). Still, good on you, Jane Lynch, for pulling it off somehow.

Here is the Hulu version, but you know how Hulu can be. Vulture helpfully provided a YouTube link if that fails you.


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