Dancing with the Stars Elimination: Remembering Aiden Turner (Do You?)

Dancing with the Stars gave us a week off from emotionally grueling elimination episodes last night. Well, you might not have endured a dark, spiritual upheaval when Shannen Doherty and Buzz Aldrin were eliminated -- but those exits were at least caked with warm sentimentality. Goner Aiden Turner tried for the same effect, but too late: I only cherish one Aiden moment from this season.


Now, what a way to enjoy a defeat! After the All My Children star's abysmal "Hungry Like the Wolf" cha-cha-cha, he closed the performance by ducking his head in partner Edyta Śliwińska's chas. It's a gesture steeped in shame-hiding, carnal desire, and gay frivolity. The Dancing with the Stars trifecta! Revisit it here.