3 Helpful Tips to Keep the V Resistance From Self-Destructing


If there's one thing I've learned from V (other than the fact that retroactive continuity really can exist after just six episodes) it's that if aliens showed up tomorrow dolling out free health care, humans would put up an embarrassingly ill-conceived resistance. In last night's episode, Erica and Co. spent the whole hour tracking down the fabled Fifth Column leader John May (Oh hey, Michael Trucco!) so she and Ryan could communicate with the Visitor ship, only to find out John May doesn't live after all. Lisa drives a wedge even further between Tyler and Erica when she tells him his dad isn't really his dad, and Chad Decker continues to compromise his journalistic integrity. But week after week, it's the bumbling resistance that disappoints me most of all. After the jump, find out how our heroes could have worked just a little bit harder to save all our human skins.

Don't conceal important information!

The local resistance branch spends the entire episode looking for the original Fifth Column member, John May, only for Ryan to reveal he killed him 10 years ago. But that's OK, Ryan says, because John May's desire to help the humans lives on in him! There are, like four resistance members. When the numbers are that low, honesty is key to staying organized. So save the lying for when there's more like 10 people. Which brings me to:

Expand the ranks!

Please, for the love of God, find a way to organize beyond one priest, one FBI agent, one ex-con and one human sympathizer. This week's "John May" was filled with allusion, aboard the mother ships, that the "John May Lives" message broadcast during Anna's address re-energized the Fifth Column. Oh, really? Where, pray tell, are these stalwart individuals? And when are they going to join the aforementioned group? This show is going to stay pretty boring if the resistance doesn't expand. And what's a better way to do that than:

To the press!

At the end of this week's episode, Anna's journalistic mouthpiece, Chad Decker (Scott Wolf), tells her if she doesn't give him a story, he'll run something about how all the people selected to "Live Aboard" are, well, lame. "I don't want to be ordinary," he tells Anna. Father Jack and Decker are apparently pretty close. So why doesn't he drop a real hint a la the remains of that flying death-barb ball that attacked the resistance group?

What else might help? Chime in below.


  • Seth P. says:

    I'd imagine that they'd find plenty of willing recruits in midtown office buildings. The sunlight deprivation those giant ships are causing must be creating some anti-V sentiment.

  • KC says:

    I do enjoy the show V but damn it is working my nerves!! Lindsay Wolfe is right if they don't expand and expose the V's what's the point seening the show? Maybe the don't have a budget but they should. I hope they improve soon!!!

  • Emperor Norton says:

    This show and Caprica are reminding me of I Love Lucy. Various Lucys, Rickys, and Ethels slow things down to a crawl because they didn't tell the truth when they should have. Hilarity ensues.
    Except in these shows, it doesn't.

  • stolidog says:

    the show needs side stories other than that gay guy getting pretend seduced by the lizard queen's daughter.

  • Citizen Bitch says:

    Needs more lizard baby subplot.
    The dialougue also feels like video game instructions.