The Tonight Show Hires a New Bandleader (and It's Not Max Weinberg)

That was fast. Less than 24 hours after the Tonight Show bandleader Kevin Eubanks announced that he would officially be leaving Jay Leno's side after 18 glorious, "Headlines"-filled years, NBC has allegedly hired his replacement. One quick word on who it isn't: Max Weinberg, who had been angling for the position to the chagrin of Team Coco.

According to TMZ, NBC will officially announce tomorrow that American Idol's musical director Rickey Minor will be the one following in Eubanks' footsteps. Coincidentally, Eubanks will cede his position as bandleader just as Idol goes on hiatus at the end of May.

As for you, Max Weinberg, you either need to touch up that resume or start campaigning for Conan to take you with him to TBS. Maybe George Lopez will be more charitable?


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