'On This Day' Special Edition: Movieline Turns 1!


When it comes to Movieline's "On This Day" feature, there are always plenty of historic occasions to commemorate on April 13 -- say, Sidney Poitier's groundbreaking Academy Award win for Best Actor in 1964, or Rick Schroeder's birthday 40 years ago (go ahead, gasp). But today around ML HQ, there's another momentous birthday we can't overlook celebrating as well: Ours.

The reengineered Movieline v2.0 emerged on the Web a year ago today, introducing itself with the indelible headline: "We're Back. With Better Hair." Twelve months on, the Web relaunch of the late, lamented '90s movie magazine has been steadfastly improving that coiffure, not to mention building our readership and reach with a caliber of news, interviews, commentary, criticism and essential, Pandora-shattering Photoshop experiments you just won't get anywhere else. Until it's stolen, anyway (you know who you are).

In the end, of course, Movieline would be nothing without you, our Dear Reader. Thank you so much for helping us through our infancy and into this precocious early-toddler phase. In lieu of squeezing individual slices of birthday cake through the bulletproof layers of encryption at ML HQ, we hope you'll join us throughout the day in a browse through the virtual photo album of our first year. We'll be reviving a selection of stories and phenomena from the year throughout the day, all while steadfastly focusing on the news and events that mark the beginning of Year Two.

So: Bring your friends! Stick around for a while! And thanks again!

--The Movieline Team