Late Night Highlights: George Lopez Welcomes Conan, Kevin Eubank Breaks Up with Jay

If you thought that Conan O'Brien was legally prohibited from appearing on television, you were right. But if you thought that meant that George Lopez could not use his likeness in bits recycled straight from NBC, you were wrong. Until Conan makes his cable debut in November, expect more of those pilfered segments and Desi-Lucille comparisons ("A Latino and a redhead. It's worked before. Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. [We'll be a] same-sex Lucy and Ricky!"). Click through to see George Lopez kick off the LOCO fanfare, Kevin "Kev" Eubanks break up with Jay Leno, and the other highlights you missed from last night's afterhours programming.

5. Fixing Fred Willard's Door Frame

After Jimmy Kimmel took a few monologue shots at his Tonight Show foe last night ("Conan O'Brien today announced that he will not go to Fox, he will instead move his show to a cable channel, TBS. And then later today, Jay Leno also announced that he will be moving to TBS."), he threw to this segment featuring comic master Fred Willard.

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