Every Star Wars Geek on Earth to Appear in Stitched-Together Remake


The event has been coming for a while, and now it appears April 19 is officially D-Day for the fan-generated Star Wars Uncut. The project solicited 15-second clips from 472 amateur filmmakers around the Web, finally tying the pieces together in a kind of patchwork remake of George Lucas's original classic. No CGI Jabba the Hutt inserts, no revised battle scenes, no generally Lucasian BS -- just Lego Obi-Wan cut down by his archnemesis Lego Darth Vader, grown men in casual Wookiee wear, abstract cutaways of dogs, incompetent green-screen deployment, creatively used ladders and so, so much more. I call dibs on the frozen Han Solo sequence in the inevitable Empire Strikes Back Uncut sequel. Click through for the video.

[via Vulture]


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