Conan Goes on Tour, Brings Some Old (New) Friends: VIDEO


Conan O'Brien may be legally prohibited from being funny on television -- at least until November -- but that doesn't mean he can't bring some laughs to YouTube. The new TBS host started his nationwide comedy tour last night in Eugene, Oregon, and -- wouldn't you know it -- many of the surprises and jokes from the show have already found their way onto the Internet. So if you can't wait to see Conan on your HD television in seven months -- or if you couldn't get tickets for the live shows in the other 29 cities -- check out these crappy cell phone videos after the jump. Spoilers, kinda.

Conan started things off with a taped introduction that fancied the exiled Tonight Show host as a bearded and overweight layabout (complete with the requisite "All By Myself" music cue) who, upon getting the call for the tour, goes through a Rocky Balboa-like training regiment. The video is funny and classic Conan, but be warned: the audio quality is so poor, you'll likely get a headache.

After that, Conan did about 20 minutes of stand-up, brought out Andy Richter and even introduced a new character: The Self-Pleasuring Panda, who looks nothing like The NBC-owned Masturbating Bear.

See? Totally different. There were some other surprises too (Jack McBrayer! Musical guest Spoon!), but otherwise, it looks like the show went exactly like you would have expected it to go. As for his former employer, NBC, O'Brien made a few passing references, but nothing more: "I'm not allowed to say word 'peacock,' but I can say the words 'pea' and 'cock.' "

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