Ari Gold is Viral Gold

· In a subtly titled parody called Phonetourage, we realize just how committed Ari and the Entourage gang are to cellular correspondence. We also shiver after realizing "The Snickers movie" is not such an outrageous idea anymore. [YouTube]

· Francis Ford Coppola told Movieline that The Godfather Part II should never have been made. How do you think he feels about the Apocalypse Now video game? [Kotaku]

· In other video game news, Paul Verhoeven may direct an adaptation of the old game The Last Express. Apparently, fellow Broderbund Software product Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? was too obvious? I'm miffed. [Slashfilm]

· Sony purchased the rights to Nigel Cole's latest film Made in Dagneham. All hail the return of Golden Globe-winning Happy-Go-Lucky star Sally Hawkins. [Press Release]

· Someone's getting whacked on Private Practice next month. It's not Addison, so you don't have to remove her from your Inspiring Female Representations in the Media scrapbook. [EW]